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Cybersecurity Program Management

Highly competent management, business, and technology professional with over 20 years of experience looking to help organizations embrace next-generation, transformative technologies. Currently Enterprise Cybersecurity Program Manager with CA Technologies, Inc.

Blockchain/Digital Currencies

Serial entrepreneur with specific interest in blockchain technologies and digital currencies (investing and development). Graduate certification from MIT in Fintech Future Commerce. Recent recipient of FastTrac NewVenture (NYC) Certificate of Entrepreneurial Achievement.

Social Good

In my upbringing, my parents were active in my hometown as community leaders, and this has also been a part of my values and goals. Currently National Career Readiness Manager for the National Soceity of Black Engineers (NSBE).

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My Writings

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Whatever Happened to SocialGRADE?

17, Jan 2017

Before there ever was an idea for a company, there was a stressed out dad...

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Sweeping Around My Own Social Media Front Door

22 Nov, 2016

“People are turning off TVs (one even canceled her cable — mass media are not off the hook, either)...

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Humanity 101

24 Aug, 2016

If you’re paying attention, riding between the boroughs is a humanizing experience...

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