Do you know what your kids are doing online? Do they?
SocialGrade is a passive social media monitoring system that scores, categorizes, and improves your kids' social media behaviors.
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Our Solution

At SocialGrade, we've built a just-in-time parental notification system for negative behaviors, an overall scoring system that reliably assesses your kids' social media activities, a recommendation engine to help them find positive peers on social media, and a learning community to help keep parents knowledgeable of social media technologies and teen usage patterns.

Who We Are

SocialGrade is a passive social media monitoring system that also scores, categorizes, and improves your kids' social media behaviors.

What We Do

Teaching your child proper management of their "online brand" at an early age is a gift that keeps on giving long into their adult life.

The Contract Is The Key

Establishing trust between parents and kids by negotiating agreed upon behaviors helps maintain open lines of communication during a critical period of transition and identity formation.

Everything Is Relative

Grades are weighted against other users of social media platforms in your child's peer group and based on overall online behavior, not just individual violations.

Training & Workshops

Educational resources are made available online and offline to help the entire family understand social media's ever-changing landscape.

Set Yourself Free

Having a trusted partner provides peace of mind and allows parents to prioritize other parenting responsibilities instead of constantly "checking" every account.

Our Story

  • Summer 2009

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Before there ever was an idea for a company, there was a stressed out dad at a barbecue being asked by his oldest daughter whether or not she could have a Facebook page. What follows is another daughter coming online, a lot of arguments, and a lot of stress.

  • September 2013

    SocialGrade Launches!

    SocialGrade attends Lean Startup Machine on the campus of 1776 in Washington, DC. to validate whether the problem actually exists.

  • January 2014

    New York, New York, Big City of Dreams

    SocialGrade opens a second office space in New York City focused on helping establish a positive social presence in the NYC tech community.

  • February 2014

    Let's Build

    SocialGrade launches in alpha and begins refining our notification and grading algorithm.

  • October 2014

    Show Me The Money, Pt. 1

    SocialGrade, Inc. closes a friends and family round and is formally restructured as a Delaware C-Corp.

  • March 2015


    SocialGrade, Inc. begins community building in North Carolina and dedicates itself to helping build a technology community.

  • Summer 2015

    Phase 2

    SocialGrade, Inc. plans to launch marketing campaigns and outreach programs to help educate people about technology and social media while ramping up for platform release and begins entering pitch competitions to secure additional funding.

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About Us

Having successfully navigated two teenage daughters through the transition from newbies in the social media landscape to users with their own online identifies and all the headaches that came along with it, our founder, Anthony Braddy, figured there had to be a better way. In response, SocialGrade was born. In September 2013, after a cycle of Lean Startup Weekend DC at 1776, he discovered that there was clearly a need for this product after talking to a significant number of parents visiting the National Mall during the Smithsonian Book Fair.

This, along with other insight provided during validation of other assumptions, allowed Anthony to mature the idea from its narrow focus of monitoring behavior and incorporated an educational outreach and parent/kid social contract as well as a reward system for positive behavior. SocialGrade will be available in a freemium model that only displays personal profile information, with monthly, semi-annual, and annual subscriptions for additional functionality, such as being able to see the scores of your kids and unlocking the ability for your kids to access superlatives, rewards, and the recommendation engine.

We currently have 10 behaviors available for monitoring as of our alpha launch with more being added as needs arise. Since not all criteria apply to all parent/child relationships, the social contract is used to identify which rules apply to which kids. Using the ruleset selected by the family, we then calculate a social grade and make that available to parents and kids via our platform. SocialGrade sets itself apart from other products in the online behavior monitoring space by not just focusing on notifying parents of negative activities, but also placing an emphasis on establishing a positive dialogue between parents and their children.


Anthony Braddy

The Girls

Keeping Our Eyes On Them Online Since '09...Without You, There Would be No SocialGrade!!!

The Grades

Our Scoring System

Q1: How much does SocialGrade cost?

While we are in our alpha period, enrollment in our program is free of charge. All users who enroll during this alpha period will be grandfathered. Subscriptions to SocialGrade will be $7.99/month, $39.99/semi-annually, or $75.99/year.

Q2: Do I need to give you my kids usernames and passwords?

Not at all. SocialGrade is very serious about privacy and would never collect personally identifiable information on our site for any purposes.

Q3: Do you guys interact with my children at all?

The only contact we will have with your children is to request to be allowed to follow them if they have private social media account(s). If they do not accept our follow request we will not be able to monitor their behavior. This does not require them to change their account to public status so their privacy settings remain intact. After that, we will never contact your children without your permission.

Q4: What if my children have set up restricted profiles?

If you children have restricted profiles, they will have to accept SocialGrade as a follower.

Q5: Do you monitor them everyday?

Yes...that's the best part of our program! We guarantee that within 24 hours of behavior that breaks the agreed upon rules SocialGrade will contact you via email or text message, whichever you prefer. That message will include the rule that was broken, the approximate time, and the social network where the offense occurred.

Q6: Which social media platforms do you monitor?

Parents can select from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat for social media monitoring.

Q7: What behavior rules do you monitor?

Currently SocialGrade monitors the following behaviors:

1. Bullying

2. Foul Language

3. Posting During School Hours

4. Disrespecting Teachers/School

5. Unsuitable Commentary About Family

6. Evidence of Suicidal Thoughts

7. Evidence of Illegal Activities

8. Inappropriate Pictures

9. Posting During School Hours

10. Posting After Bedtime

While validating our initial assumptions that a knowing what your kids are doing online was even a problem by interviewing kids and their parent, we made an interesting observation -- not only did kids want to be involved in setting the parameters for negative behavior monitoring, parents wanted them to be as well. This observation spawned the idea of "the social contract". The social contract establishes the notification criteria for the parents and the scoring/reward system for the child.

One of the many keys to parenting is being able to immediately address negative behaviors, and our product helps give parents that opportunity, but it also frees them from the task of constantly checking social media accounts. Consider paying for a subscription to SocialGrade paying for the most previous resources that allow you to enjoy your families -- time and peace of mind.

Q8: Besides being granted permission to use social media (duh!), what do the kids get out of SocialGrade?

SocialGrade introduces a unique concept, social grading, which allows a kids' entire set of behaviors online to be evaluated, not just the most recent bad thing they posted. SocialGrade is an objective way to not only get credit for positive behaviors, but also to reinforce it through the use of our partners program, superlatives feature, and friend recommendation engine.

Our partners program allows us to work with local businesses to give the kids coupons and discounts for maintaining good grades online. Our superlatives feature is a fun way for kids to see what area of interest they speak about the most frequently, such as sports, music, or fashion. Combined with the recommendation engine, which suggests other kids of similar age, grade, and superlative category, SocialGrade functions as an engine of positive reinforcement while helping steer your kid away from the troublemakers.

Q9: How Do You Grade Pictures?

Unfortunately, our program is not smart enough to figure that out, so we do employ human staff. But the plus side is that means we're always hiring. To add your name to the list of candidates or if you just want to attend our workshops and training sessions, click this link.

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